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AVP on consoles

The in-game legacy of two of sci-fi’s greatest monsters.

To celebrate the launch of the fantastic new game from Sega and Rebellion, Aliens Vs Predator, SciFiNow takes a look back at the history of one of sci-fi’s most enduring franchise alliances. Today, we chart the video game history of these two monsters.

First released:
Featured system:
Amstrad CPC

This effectively creepy game was one of the earliest examples of the first-person shooter and had you scanning corridors looking for rogue Aliens. It was very innovative at the time, due to its unique visuals and the ability to switch on the fly between characters, and the game remains a tense adventure. Just wait until you miss the first Alien you aim for…

1993Alien 3
First released:
Featured system:

Developer Probe made two Alien 3 games in the Nineties and both were rather good. While its main version was a run-‘n’-gun that had you rescuing prisoners, the SNES version was far better, as it blended the blasting with a dose of exploration. Coupled with fantastic animation and stunning music, it’s the perfect partner to Fincher’s movie.

1994Alien Vs Predator
First released:
Featured system:

Before Rebellion found success with its FPS, beat-’em-up king Capcom tackled the Alien Vs Predator licence with this rough-and-tumble scrolling fighter. Featuring a character that looked suspiciously like Arnie and teaming humans with Predators, it’s an utterly fantastic game that pits you against hordes and hordes of rampant xenomorphs.

1995Alien Trilogy
First released:
Featured system:

The developer Probe once again returned to the Alien franchise with this atmospheric first-person shooter, which was loosely based on the first three films. Utilising impressive (for the time) CGI cut-scenes and filled with brilliantly paced set pieces, it’s arguably one of the finest 3D Alien adaptations around, losing out only to Rebellion’s games.

1999Alien Versus Predator
First released:
Featured system:

Rebellion first cut its teeth in the Alien and Predator universes with its Jaguar game, but its entry on the PC is by far the better version. It once again intertwined three unique campaigns – one for each race – but boasted superlative visuals and a truly superb multiplayer game.

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Aliens Vs Predator is availiable to buy now, on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows-based PCs, courtesy of Sega and Rebellion. Keep your eyes peeled on this website for more on this exciting gaming title.