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Spoiler: Heroes – S04E05

Keep up to speed with this recap of last night’s Heroes episode ‘Tabula Rasa’.

BaptismEpisode 05: Tabula Rasa
US Air Date: 19 October 2009
Writer: Rob Fresco
Director: Jim Chory

Sylar is at the carnival but still has no idea who he is. Samuel attempts to aid his new protégé by taking him into the hall of mirrors. Reflections of his evil former self only serve to agitate Syler. After being held at gunpoint by the policeman that previously arrested him, Sylar can’t bring himself to kill him and Samuel happily steps in to do this. Soon enough Samuel convinces his family to have Sylar initiated into the fold; he has grand plans for him it seems. Elsewhere Peter and HRG travel to Georgia and find a healer able to help Hiro. This person is at a crisis point with his powers and is in need of assistance from the pair. With the task at hand seen to, Peter returns to the hospital only to find Hiro has gone. After getting into Hiro’s hotel room, Peter finds a note that reads: “Save Charlie.” The episode ends with Hiro three years in the past at the Burnt Toast Diner with Charlie waiting inside.