Spoiler: Fringe – S02E10

Get investigative with last night’s episode of Fringe.

Picture 1Episode 10: Grey Matters
US Air Date: 10 December 2009
Writer: Zack Stentz, Ashley Edward Miller
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

A mental patient named Joseph Slater is being tested on in a Boston mental institution; a white object is removed from his skull. A shootout interrupts this procedure. After surveying security footage, Olivia recognises Newton as the man coordinating this attack on the institution. Peter and Olivia investigate other patients that have received the same treatment as Slater and they figure out that a doctor, Simon Paris, is the man they need to find. This leads Walter to reveal that it was Paris that implanted him with his special tracking chip. Following this Walter is paid a visit by Newton; he is strapped up and Newton begins to map out his brain activity. This doesn’t work so Newton and his men take Walter back to his old homestead in order to stoke up some memories. Peter and the team storm this house and Olivia just about manages to put cuffs on Newton. However, Walter was injected with a serum that will render him dead in a minute so Newton bargains an escape in return for saving Walter. As Walter undergoes an MRI scan he remembers the true identity of Simon Paris. Meeting the man once again, Walter is promised that his important memories will be stowed away somewhere safe.