Spoiler: FlashForward – S01E05

SciFiNow flashes back to this latest episode of ABC’s sci-fi series

0ec2a033e20187c5_117749_2844_pre.previewEpisode 05: Gimme Some Truth
US Air Date: 22 October 2009
Writer: Dawn Prestwich, Nicole Yorkin
Director: Michael Rymer

Mark, Demetri, Wedeck, and Vreede are in Washington; soon enough four Asian men attack their vehicle. Cut back to 39 hours earlier and Mark, Demetri and Vreede are being questioned about their flashforwards. The President announces to the world that the US is investigating the blackout, but he does not disclose his own vision. Mark tells Senator Noland that his premonition hinted at him being important in the investigation of the blackout. While researching the team’s findings in Somalia, Janis flashforward comes back to haunt her. The President cuts a deal that keeps Wedeck’s investigation running, and later Clemente forces Mark to admit he was drinking in his premonition; this then compromises all the information Mark has previously given. In LA Janis is attacked and shot by two armed men. Back in Washington Mark, Demetri, Wedeck, and Vreede survive their attack and manage to kill two of their assailants.