Spoiler: Dollhouse – S02E10

In Room 101, your greatest fear is fear itself…

dollhouseEpisode 10: The Attic
US Air Date: 18 December 2009
Writer: Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon
Director: John Cassaday

The Attic is revealed to be a Room 101-type state where those imprisoned must relive their own worst nightmares over and over again. Echo regains control of herself and encounters Laurence Dominic, who was previously sent there in the first season. Together, they work to free the people trapped, but discover one of Rossum’s founders, Clyde, and the true nature of the Attic itself – a series of networked brains acting as a supercomputer. Echo is able to free Priya and Anthony, but Dominic and Clyde volunteer to stay behind to help others. Eventually, it is revealed that DeWitt isn’t working for Rossum, but sent Echo into the Attic to retrieve the knowledge needed to defeat the corporation from Caroline’s brain, which holds many secrets. At the end, the LA Dollhouse team agree to fight Rossum together.