Richard Kelly to shoot 3D futuristic thriller

Richard Kelly announces a trip into the third dimension.

PHiXVlmo4jQvmiRichard Kelly has announced plans to go ahead with his first 3D feature, according to Bloody Disgusting. While talking to the horror website about his current thriller, The Box, Kelly said the following about this proposed feature: “I’m working on my new script,” he says. “I’m probably on the eighth draft of it right now, and I’ve just kind of been waiting for The Box to come out to see if I can get [the project] off the ground.”

Following this, The Donnie Darko helmer went on to talk more about the plot of this untitled project: “It’s a thriller set in Manhattan in the year 2014,” he says before delving into the technical side of this picture: “We hope to shoot the movie in 3D, and part of the movie would be filmed using full CGI motion capture.”

The Box is scheduled for release in the UK on 04 December 2009. To read more about this movie buy our upcoming issue of SciFiNow, which hits shelves on 25 November 2009. Hit the link to see the trailer.