Storm first trailer

Uwe Boll’s latest, but is the director on the up?

Uwe Boll films have traditionally been poorly received by critics and outlets, including SciFiNow, in the past. However, he received praise from several previously hostile areas for his last effort Rampage, which many said showed a developed sense of maturity in filmmaking that up until now hadn’t been particularly evident in his back catalogue.

Now, Boll releases his latest film trailer for Storm, in which a man comes to a family in a house who are unable to make contact with their neighbours or anyone in the local town. The man, Silas, claims that judgment day has already happened, and as the father becomes introspective, the true dangers begin to reveal themselves.

The footage below looks to be far above the standard set by Boll’s Far Cry, In The Name Of The King and Alone In The Dark. Has the director reached a turning point in his career? We’ve embedded the trailer below for you to decide, courtesy of Twitch.

Storm, or Final Storm as it is also known, stars Luke Perry, Lauren Holly and Steve Bacic. The release date is yet to be confirmed.