Repo Men red band trailer

More gore, more sex, more Jude Law…

Repo_men_21The adult trailer for Repo Men has been released. Featuring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker, the film takes place in the future, where technological advances have allowed for the creation of artificial organs that are grossly expensive and paid for on instalment plans to a company known as The Union. If a debtor defaults on payment, however, The Union dispatches its elite ‘repo men’ in order to take back their property, invariably resulting in death.

Remy (Law) is one of the best Repo Men, but when an accident on the job means that he finds himself, unwillingly, with an artificial heart and a huge debt, he goes on the run. His former partner Jake (Whitaker) is sent to track him down, and Remy must now lead a revolution against The Union in order to survive.

The trailer comes to us courtesy of Movie Web. Repo Men is released on 19 March in the United States, and on 16 April in the United Kingdom.