Read the first three pages of Charlie Higson’s The Dead

Also, see the ‘Scared Kid’ video mentioned in the book.

Comedian, author and all-round television personality Charlie Higson’s post-apocalyptic story The Dead is out now. To accompany the launch, Puffin has provided us with the first three pages of the novel as well as the actual ‘Scared Kid’ trailer mentioned in the opening passage. The trailer was a co-production between Higson and the producers of Colin, the zombie film that gained notoriety for its £45 budget.

Set alongside Higson’s previous novel, The Enemy, The Dead follows a group of public school children as they make their way across London in the wake of an epidemic that has destroyed civilisation. You can read an interview with Higson in the Library section of this month’s SciFiNow, on shelves from today.

The first three pages can be accessed here.

The Dead, by Charlie Higson, is out now through Puffin, priced at £12.99.