5 Star Trek characters we’d like to see in the sequel

Who would you want in the second rebooted Trek film?

Every time anyone posts anything remotely linked to Star Trek 2, the internet seems to go wild. The latest development comes from Badass Digest, who claims an anonymous source saying that a character from Trek’s past will show up in the new film. Now, we’re not slighting Badass’s reporting in any way, but we’re just not going to believe anything until it’s on the record from someone definitely attached to the film. Too much rumour floats around these big productions to keep a reasonable track of it and discern, accurately, what’s actually good information and what’s not unless you go straight to the source.

That being said, if you’ll forgive a bit of indulgence on our part, here’s five characters from the old series that we’d definitely like to see in the new film.

Gorn Commander

Some of you dislike ‘Arena’. That’s fair enough. We, on the other hand, love it, and some of the designs for the Gorn that were mocked up for the last film were pretty damn cool. Perhaps not a central role, but a little cameo for the Commander would be great.

Harry Mudd
‘Mudd’s Women

Listed as one of the possibles in the Badass report, it would be surprising if Mudd didn’t make an appearance. His character would have to be extensively reworked to fit with the style of the rebooted universe, of course, but it could gel nicely.

Guardian Of Forever
‘The City On The Edge Of Forever

The Guardian must be one of the considerations for the next story, or at least, the third, given the first one’s reliance on time travel. Nevertheless, ‘The City On The Edge Of Forever’ is routinely voted as the best episode of Trek, and with good reason.

‘Day Of The Dove

There have to be a few Klingons in the next film, surely. They might not have done anything radically different with the design, but they’re such a staple of Star Trek that it seems to be pure madness not to include them.

Khan Noonien Singh
‘Space Seed’

We know, we know. Khan isn’t in the next film, apparently. But still, an updated version of Kirk’s great nemesis would be great to see, and The Wrath Of Khan is still the best Trek film after all this time.