Re-Animator 4 “should be a reboot” says Jeffrey Combs

Re-Animator star Jeffrey Combs would rather House Of Re-Animator was a reboot

Re-Animator reboot

Re-Animator reboot
Re-Animator’s 1985 poster art recoloured for the DVD release.

A proposed fourth Re-Animator movie – House Of Re-Animator, following Herbert West as he’s called on to re-animate a dead vice-president to hold the US together – has been in development hell for quite some time.

While star Jeffrey Combs – who played the definitive modern mad scientist in 1985’s uber-cult HP Lovecraft-inspired Re-Animator, 1995’s Bride Of Re-Animator, and 2003’s Beyond Re-Animator – says that it could still happen, he’d rather the franchise followed Evil Dead and Carrie, and was given a suitably gristly modern reboot.

“I’m sure that Brian Yuzna, who owns the rights to Re-Animator, would love to have another pass at a Re-Animator sequel,” Combs told Topless Robot, “but someone’s got to step up and fund it. And when you get into that, there’s the crux of the problem – bean counters.

“Here’s what I think will happen. The name is so well-known, it’s a cult classic, that someone at some point give Brian a lot of money for the title, and they’ll reboot it, thinking they can just tell the same story again, but with younger, fresher actors. Re-do it, update it, and we know what that will have to do.”

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