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Powerless TV series adds a load more cast members

DC’s upcoming comedy drama Powerless has just got bigger

The other day we reported that Vanessa Hudgens had been cast in Powerless, DC’s upcoming TV pilot depicting the trials of those who are left to foot the bill caused by the various superhero battles, and speculated that other cast members would be added shortly. As it turns out, this has come to pass far sooner than we anticipated, as three notable new names have joined her.

First up is Alan Tudyk, who will likely need no introduction to genre fans, having starred as Wash in Firefly and later Serenity (sniff) – not to mention Transformers 3, I Robot, Tucker & Dale Vs Evil, Dollhouse and Frozen, and a role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on the horizon. In Powerless he’ll play Del, the power-hungry boss of Emily (Hudgens’ character), so expect fireworks.

Powerless Alan Tudyk
Alan Tudyk will play the boss from hell in Powerless

Also starring is Danny Pudi, best known to Community fans as cinema obsessive Abed, who will play Emily’s friend and co-worker Teddy. We’re guessing he’ll be a little more straightforward than his character in Dan Harmon’s (mostly) excellent series, but at the same time he’ll likely be another loveable character who it’s easy to root for.

Powerless Danny Pudi
Community star Danny Pudi has also joined the cast

Finally, Christina Kirk is also on board as Jackie, another co-worker of Emily’s and a massive superhero fan. Her credits are a bit more sporadic than the other two, with her most notable role being Lydia in TV series A To Z, as well as the odd appearances in shows like Girls and The Good Life. Although we know less about her than her fellow cast members, she rounds off what looks like a strong ensemble, and frankly we can’t wait to see who else is joining up.

Powerless Christina Kirk
Powerless will be many people’s introduction to Christina Kirk

An air date for Powerless is yet to be announced. For all the latest news about the biggest TV shows, pick up the new issue of SciFiNow.