Batman V Superman gets an R-rated director’s cut for violence

Zack Snyder’s preferred cut of Batman V Superman will be rated R

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is just around the corner now. There’s a running time of two and a half hours and the usual PG-13 rating. However, there’s some news about Zack Snyder’s director’s cut that should have some fans excited.

According to Filmratings (via Den Of Geek), the director’s cut that will appear on Blu-ray/DVD/whatever-form-of-home-entertainment-you-wish will be rated R for “sequences of violence.” Wallop.

With that running time, and given how much Snyder has to pack into Dawn Of Justice, it’s safe to assume that there’ll be a lot of extended stuff on the disc, and apparently that will include some brawls too harsh for the PG-13 rating.

“At long last, see Batman and Superman square off against each other in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’, an epic superhero showdown which will change both their lives forever. Clark Kent doesn’t trust Gotham’s mysterious masked vigilante. Bruce Wayne doesn’t trust the alien who nearly destroyed Metropolis. And Lex Luthor, who hates Superman more than anyone, is manipulating both of them for his own twisted ends. Choose your side: the Man of Steel or the Dark Knight? Learn the answer to the age-old question – who would win? – in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.”

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is in UK cinemas from 25 March. Get all the latest superhero movie news with every issue of SciFiNow.