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NowGamer levels up

Gaming supersite enables new interactive features.

Imagine Publishing’s gaming supersite NowGamer today announced a raft of new interactive features. Launching in 2009, the website combines its own high quality reportage with features, reviews, interviews and other content from across Imagine’s extensive stable of acclaimed gaming publications. Below is the information sent to us from editor-in-chief Nick Jones.

Today NowGamer becomes a smarter, more efficient and deadly game article dispensing machine. Here are some of the key new features you can use today.

Most Viewed Widget
First up, you can now use our snazzy new ‘Most Viewed’ widget if you want to check out the most popular articles on our site. Follow these steps to add this widget to your homepage:

*Click ‘Customise My Homepage’ in the top-right of the homepage.

*Check the box labelled ‘Most Viewed’ and get ready to experience a barrage of top content. You lucky people.

Blogs Widget
For too long our blog content has been hidden in plain site, relegated to a mere navigation bar link while the rest of our content gets the widget treatment. If you want to know our opinions on the hottest gaming news, follow these easy steps:

*Click ‘Customise My Homepage’ in the top right of the homepage.

*Check the box labelled ‘Latest Columns’ and allow us to tell you what to think through our expert powers of opinion.

Comment Boxes
If you want to vent your spleen in response to any of our opinions, you can now add user comments to any one of our review articles. Don’t hide in the shadows any more, let us know what you think today.

News Ticker
Need to know about gaming news fast, but don’t want to waste time clicking links? Keep an eye on our awesome news ticker, situated just below the NowGamer logo on the homepage. All of our daily headlines will flow along this streaming bar of newsy goodness for your reading pleasure.

Our Retro homepage has now been rebranded ‘ThenGamer’, a superb hub of old-school treats for the nostalgics among us. Get over there and get reminiscing today.