“No Guardians Of The Galaxy if Marvel could do Fantastic Four,” says Mark Millar

Mark Millar on why Fantastic Four and Guardians Of The Galaxy are more “experimental”

Concept art for Guardians Of The Galaxy – would Marvel have rather made Fantastic Four?

People do a lot of chuntering about how they wish every Marvel comic-book property was pitched up at Marvel Studios with Avengers Assemble and Iron Man 3.

There’s a damn good reason why it isn’t though, and especially with Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar taking on the Joss Whedon role at 20th Century Fox – overseeing the likes of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, The Wolverine, the Fantastic Four reboot, and Deadpool – the overall quality and cohesion will be stronger.

“They didn’t quite always relate to the other movies, and so on,” said Millar exclusively to SciFiNow, “whereas Marvel have built a very interesting creative universe.

“I think it’s a really smart move – I would say that of course – because I love the idea of all the Marvel characters spread across a bunch of different studios in a giant, cohesive Marvel universe – feeling like it exists out there. When I was a kid picking up comics the editorial group used to run their own little fief, the X-Men books were all under one editor, the Spider-Man books under another, The Avengers books under another editor, and that’s kinda what this feels like too. The financial burden to have all these things at one company would just be too great – you’d never get a Guardians Of The Galaxy if Marvel could put out a Fantastic Four movie, you know?”

It’s a good point, if Marvel Studios still had their best known cosmic super-team on the books they probably wouldn’t need the bigger risk of porting the relatively unknown Guardians Of The Galaxy into cinemas. As it stands though, we get two hotly tipped outsiders with a background in subversive superhero deconstruction – Chronicle‘s Josh Trank and Super‘s James Gunn – playing around with some of Marvel Comics’ most creatively rich intellectual properties.

“I love the fact, just as a fan, that these kind of movies can come out too – it can be a lot more experimental,” concludes Millar. “I like the fact that Fox that do a Fantastic Four so Marvel can get a Ant-Man movie out there. A lot of people say ‘I want it all back at Marvel’, but there’d be half as many movies out there, unfortunately.”

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