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Arrow Season 1 Part 2: expect more mystery and more answers

Arrow’s Andrew Kreisberg on the balance between suspense and satisfaction in Season 1

Arrow Season 1 Part 2

Arrow Season 1 Part 2
The identity of the mysterious Dark Archer was revealed in Arrow Season 1 Episode 9 ‘Year’s End’… or was it? (Spoiler: it was)

As soon as Arrow Season 1 kicked off, it teased out a lot of potential mysteries, and for fans of long-form enigmas like Lost and Fringe, it’s pretty damn satisfying just how far along everything has moved in the 9 episodes it took to get to the mid-season finale.

Speaking to co-creator and showrunner Andrew Kreisberg, it’s clear that for the second half of Arrow Season 1, you’re not going to be shortchanged and the story is going to keep evolving.

“The trick with Arrow, like with any of these shows is if you hold back too much the audience gets frustrated – if you reveal to much, there’s nothing to keep people coming back every week,” explained Kreisberg.

“We tried to hold the things that are going to keep people interested, but probably give people a lot more than they expected as far as Walter’s discovery of Moira’s involvement in Robert’s disappearance and giving people more information about what’s happening in the present day.”

Arrow will return to Sky 1 in late January 2013.