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Nathan Fillion talks Green Lantern

Nathan Fillion endorses the in development superhero picture

captain-reynolds-nathan-fillion_rgbDespite missing out on a leading role in Green Lantern (that went to Ryan Reynolds), Firefly’s Nathan Fillion had nothing but praise for the fellow Canadian in a recent interview. Speaking to MTV he said the following:

“The fact is, Ryan Reynolds has been chosen for Green Lantern, and I can’t think of anyone better. He’s got the look, he’s got the talent, he’s got the chops, he’s got the build, the abs – he’s got superhero written all over him.”

Fillion also went on to turn the focus onto himself, and how he would have handled the superhero character:

“I’m a little more like [a] sidekick, I’m a little more comic relief, whereas I know Ryan is going to handle [the role] beautifully,” he exclaimed. “Ryan knows exactly what he’s doing and having worked with him for over two years, I know how he handles himself, I know how he attacks things and I’m a big fan.”

Admitting to having exchanged “a couple of emails” with the star, Fillion stated that: “I’m very excited for him.”

Green Lantern is based on the popular DC Comic series. At this time no definite release date has been set for this movie.