Zombie: Laurie character was ‘boring’

Halloween 2 director speaks to SciFiNow on changes of direction for the sequel characters

h2bSciFiNow recently spoke with the Halloween 2 director Rob Zombie, and spoke about a few of the character choices he made for those returning in the upcoming sequel.

“I struggled with the first Halloween because the first half of the movie is very much my characters and the type of characters I like and the second half becomes like Laurie Strode, All American girl, her friend, Annie, and Linda,” said Zombie. “That’s [original Halloween director] John Carpenter stuff. To me, I found the character of Laurie Strode really boring to deal with, as like the little kids and everything is just not my thing. So that’s why I thought bringing Laurie Strode back after she’s completely traumatised and completely f**ked up makes her so much more interesting. The same with Annie and Sheriff Brackett and all these characters. They’ve all survived horrible, horrible events so they’re all much darker, damaged people – Dr Loomis, everybody. It was far more interesting to me.”

Halloween 2 stars Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane and Sheri Moon Zombie among others. The film is scheduled for a 28 August release.