Mayhem Film Festival line-up looks like a scarily good weekend

Check out what’s in store at Nottingham’s Mayhem Film Festival this year

This year’s full line-up for Nottingham’s horror film festival Mayhem has been announced, and, once again, it looks absolutely fantastic. Tickets are available now at the website but for more info, keep reading…

British horror Double Date finds the titular night out taking a turn for the significantly worse, while Joe Lynch’s gore-drenched office-based Mayhem paints the cubicle walls red. Excision duo Matthew Grey Gubler and AnnaLynne McCord star in breakneck caper 68 Kill, three kids protect their family from an undead-hoarding neighbour in Peter Ricq’s already-a-fan-favourite Dead Shack, and writer-director Simeon Halligan will be on hand to present his Manchester-set supernatural horror Habit.

There’s sci-fi from South Korea in the time-bending A Day, brutal revenge will be delivered in MFA (in which a grad student balances vigilantism and research), and dark secrets from the past hold the key to survival in Ana Asensio’s Most Beautiful Island. A woman undergoes a startling transformation as her family struggles to cope in Marianne Palka’s Bitch, two men in an isolate cabin come face to face with their past in Icelandic chiller Rift, and we’re very excited to see Tag, the new film from the excellent Sion Sono (Love Exposure, Cold Fish).

And if you’re looking for weirdness, Australian filmmakers unearth a bizarre Japanese TV export in Top Knot Detective, and genre veteran Dick Maas (The Lift, Amsterdamned) will be present to give you Prey, in which a runaway lion attacks Amsterdam (oh yes).

There’s also a live-reading of the unnamed and brilliantly titled Hammer script Zeppelin v Pterodactyls (with cast to be announced at a later date), you can see Friday The 13th Part III in all its 3D glory, and there will be a screening of the brand new restoration of Dario Argento’s masterpiece Suspiria. What’s more, there’s an excellent short film line-up:

AFTER PARTY (WORLD PREMIERE) // Dir. Liam Banks, UK, 8m27

AMY // Dir. L. Gustavo Cooper, US, 6m46

BLOOD SHED // Dir. James Moran, UK, 13m18

CRESWICK // Dir. Natalie Erika James, Australia, 9m31

DON’T EVER CHANGE (UK PREMIERE) // Dir. Don Swaynos, US, 9m48

FEEDING TIME // Dir. Matt Mercer, US, 12m54

IN THE DARK, DARK WOODS (UK PREMIERE) // Dir. Jason Bognacki, US, 4m3

LIZ DRIVES // Dir. Mia’kate Russell, Australia, 8m

REAL ARTISTS // Dir. Cameo Wood, US, 12m

TEDDY BEARS PICNIC //Dir. Thomas Hodge, UK, 5m27

UNDRESS ME // Dir. Amelia Moses, Canada, 13m27


Mayhem Film Festival takes place on 12-15 October 2017 at Broadway, Nottingham. Tickets are available now. For more information, please