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Kate Beckinsale signs on for The Shining-esque horror

The Disappointments Room casts Kate Beckinsale but the writer is the big draw

kate beckinsaleKate Beckinsale has signed on to play the lead in DJ Caruso’s The Disappointments Room.

Deadline reports that the Underworld actress will star in “the story of one family’s terror-filled encounter within their own home. Looking for a fresh start, Dana (Kate Beckinsale) and David, together with their 5-year-old son Jeremy, move into their dream house, a beautiful old rural home. Hidden within the attic was a secret room. When frightening and unexplainable events lead Dana to discover the long lost key to this room, she accidentally unlocks a host of unimaginable horrors that reveal the house’s past is terrifyingly tied with her own.”

Deadline describes the film as being “in the vein of The Shining” but the most promising thing about this is that the script comes from Wentworth Miller, the Prison Break star who wrote last year’s superb psychological horror Stoker, starring Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode and Nicole Kidman. Dark, twisted and witty, Stoker was one of the best films of last year and was a triumphant English-language debut for Oldboy director Park Chan-Wook.

If The Disappointments Room is as strong as that film, then we’re definitely interested. Fingers crossed that Caruso can deliver something special, as the director’s recent work (I Am Number Four, Eagle Eye, Disturbia, Two For The Money) leaves something to be desired. However, he’s also directed several episodes of The Shield and the underrated film The Salton Sea, so let’s wait and see.

You can buy Stoker on Blu-ray for £9 at Amazon.co.uk.