Judge Dredd Vs Zombies in new iPhone and iPad game

Judge Dredd Vs Zombies is out now for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, via the iOS App Store, featuring 30 levels of 2000AD-inspired carnage.

Judge Dredd vs Zombies iPhone game

Judge Dredd vs Zombies iPhone gameJudge Dredd has gone up against the undead numerous times, as any thrill-powered fan of 2000AD will know, but now you can recreate this titanic battle on your iOS device in Judge Dredd Vs Zombies, across 30 levels and numerous weapons upgrades.

“When we met with Rebellion to discuss bringing their Judge Dredd brand to iOS, we saw right away that Judge Dredd Vs Zombies was a winning formula,” said Jon Walsh, CEO at Fuse Powered who developed the game. “In one corner, you have an iconic character from one of the most-loved comic book series of all time, and in the other corner – an endless horde of zombies. Rebellion is a proven world-class independent console developer and we’re thrilled to bring The Law to the iTunes App Store.”

Get Judge Dredd Vs Zombies now from the App Store, priced 69p or $.99.

Check out the gameplay trailer below: