Daredevil movie update

New Daredevil movie script is finished according to 30 Days Of Night director David Slade and Fringe writer/producer Brad Caleb Cain

Daredevil Born Again by Frank Miller

Daredevil Born Again by Frank MillerDirector David Slade (30 Days Of Night, Twilight Eclipse) broke the Twitter silence regarding his Daredevil movie, which will ignore the Ben Affleck-fronted 2003 effort to tell a story closer to Frank Miller‘s character defining ‘Born Again’ arc, saying, “Daredevil is still on track. Brad Caleb Cain did an amazing job on script with high pressure deadline. We will be doing more work on it. News in new year.”

The Fringe writer/co-producer earlier commented about the film, “Me and Slade are cooking up lotsa fun surprises for Daredevil. And most importantly, not talking down to the fans. Rich themes, complex story…”