Exclusive: Joe Mad on The Avengers movie

The Darksiders creator gives his thoughts on the mega Marvel blockbuster

ultimates-200707240556376992In a recent interview with SciFiNow, Joe Madureira, comic book artist extraordinaire and creator of upcoming videogame Darksiders, gave his thoughts on Marvel’s upcoming Avengers movie. Speaking about the much-anticipated project, Madureira stated how he thought Mark Millar’s run on The Ultimates, an alternate universe version of Earth’s mightiest heroes, would serve as a better template for the movie than his and Jeph Loeb’s own handling of the chart-topping Avengers series.

“The Ultimates series one and two was a lot more gritty and realistic and film like. We actually took it in the opposite direction, which is classic superhero comics and we knew we were getting extremely comic book-y with it, like we brought back the classic costumes for some of the guys” said Madureira when talking about how his and Loeb’s controversial version wouldn’t lend itself as well to a big screen adaptation as the acclaimed Millar and Hitch take might.

Asked if his version was close to his own idea of what the Avengers movie, due for release in 2012, should be like, Madureira replied “Probably not very close at all. If you were gonna go with the movie you would want to revert back to the more movie-like Ultimates.”

The former Uncanny X-Men artist did, however, think that his and Loeb’s line-up was “pretty strong” and thought it was a superhero team he’d like to see realised on the big screen.

Darksiders is developed by Vigil Games and will be released by THQ on the 8 January. You can read the full interview with Joe Madureira later this week.