Horns first poster asks if Daniel Radcliffe is a killer

First poster for Alexandre Aja’s film of Horns starring Daniel Radcliffe has a hidden message


A new poster for Alexandre Aja’s film of Horns, starring Daniel Radcliffe, poses a serious question.

The poster (from Empire) also confirms a Halloween release date for us here in the UK, which is terrific news for those of us who have been waiting (im)patiently.

Horns stars Radcliffe as Ig Perrish, a young man who everyone believes murdered his girlfriend Merrin (Juno Temple). One day, he wakes up with a pair of horns on his head that compel people to tell him the truth and reveal their darkest secrets. He sets out to find the person who really killed Merrin, but what cost will he pay for this gift?

Horns is released in cinemas 31 October in the UK. You can buy Horns in paperback for £6.29 at Amazon.co.uk.