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Guillermo del Toro expanding Trollhunters with Tales Of Arcadia

Trollhunters has two companion series on the way to form the Tales Of Arcadia trilogy

If you can’t get enough of the gems that are Guillermo del Toro and his entire life’s work, you’ll be please to find that there’s even more coming up, specifically Dreamworks Trollhunters.

The director is working with Dreamworks Animation and Netflix to expand the world they created in the show with two additional series, which will come together to create a trilogy called Tales Of Arcadia.

“The idea was to create three interconnecting series that share a mythology,” said del Toro at a Trollhunters Part 2 screening this week, before introducing the following clip that sets up Tales Of Arcadia.

The first new series, titled Dreamworks 3 Below, is set to hit Netflix next year. According to Variety, it will “follow a pair of teenage royals and their bodyguard hiding on Earth after a surprise coup drives them from their home planet. They’re forced to blend into the strange new world while trying to repair their damaged ship so they can return and fight for their home planet.”

The final series, Dreamworks Wizards, will bring all three Tales Of Arcadia stories together, ending in an epic battle.

Del Toro went on to reveal a little more. He said: “Already, in the early season of Trollhunters, we’ve introduced characters you don’t know how important they are in the other two series. We’ve secretly been planning this for years.”

We dig it.

Dreamworks Troll Hunters Part 2 premieres on Netflix on 15 December. Get all the latest fantasy news with every issue of SciFiNow.