Guardians Of The Galaxy: Karen Gillan character revealed?

Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan to play Neil Gaiman’s Angela in Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Angela drawn by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane
Angela drawn by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane

This ia bit of an odd development, which obviously doesn’t mean it isn’t true – according to a Glasgow newspaper, Doctor Who star Karen Gillan’s Guardians Of The Galaxy character is “bikini-clad… Angela, a sword wielding bounty hunter.”

The Guardians Of The Galaxy are traditionally rogues, so this fits – especially as the big bad in Phase 2 won’t be Thanos, but perhaps someone more mundane – but not only has Angela not appeared in a comic-book alongside them, she hasn’t even appeared in a Marvel comic until 2013.

Angela was created by Sandman’s Neil Gaiman in Spawn issue 9 for Image Comics, and its own following a protracted legal battle that Gaiman wrestled her from Spawn creator and Image founder Todd McFarlane. Gaiman has since allowed Marvel to use her.

If this is true, we could be looking at Karen Gillan in a gold bikini. Discuss.

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