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Guardians Of The Galaxy are “all bad guys” says Gillan

Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan talks Avengers/Guardians Of The Galaxy team-up

Karen Gillan hangs out with her own action figure
Karen Gillan hangs out with her own action figure

Former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan spoke to Total Film about her role in James Gunn’s insane space epic Guardians Of The Galaxy, saying, “What’s different about Guardians is that, all the heroes, everybody [in the movie] is a bad guy.

“There’s just good guys within the bad guys.”

Responding to the rumoured Avengers crossover, she added, “That sounds really cool, but not something I’ve heard anything about. That sounds amazing. I’d be open to that.”

Were such a thing to happen though, the star is pretty clear about who she’d most like to share the screen time with.

“Iron Man,” said Gillan. “Robert Downey Jr is really funny. I just love the tone of the Iron Man films. You can really see Robert Downey Jr’s influence on those films. I love how they talk over each other. There are all of these two shots and there’s such a specific tone to all of the acting that I really love in those films.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is due in cinemas 1 August 2014. Pick up James Gunn’s Super on DVD for £4.49 or Blu-ray for £6.99 from Amazon.co.uk.