Gotham Season 3: What’s next for Penguin and Riddler?

The villains of Gotham look ahead to Season 3

The end of Gotham Season 2 saw a lot of things in flux for our favourite heroes and villains – so where will they go in Season 3?

Firstly, of course, there’s the return of Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett) to deal with, along with her newly acquired ability to control people by touch. “Am I going to be her slave?” Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Penguin, muses. “Anyone’s guess is as good as mine. But she is obviously going to be the primary focus of Oswald’s. She’s going to be the major conflict in his life in Season 3.”

Luckily, Penguin is still going to have time for his old buddy Ed Nygma, as they’re going to be back together in a big way in season three. “I don’t know that he’s returned to his old self,” Cory Michael Smith, who plays Nygma, says about the un-brainwashed Penguin, “so when we do cross paths, the ball’s in his court in terms of how he responds to the fact that I booted him out… Will he be understanding and honour the alliance that we built or seek retribution?”

Gotham Season 3 Fish Mooney
Fish Mooney returned in the Gotham Season 2 finale

Lord Taylor hopes that alliances will be a big thing in the wake of the arrival of the Indian Hill monsters. “It’s going to give all of us something to unite against… I’m hoping that previous conflicts between characters will have to be put aside because we all have to join together to rid Gotham of these monsters.”

And as for Alfred? He and Bruce have the Court of Owls to deal with… “[F]or the last two seasons,” Sean Pertwee tells us, “Bruce has desperately been looking for the murderer of his parents and the reason why, and he suddenly realises it wasn’t the evil wrongdoings of the inside element of Wayne Enterprises, but it was the Court of Owls. So that’s going to be very interesting, I think.”

Gotham Season 3 will air on Channel 5 in 2017. For more news about the latest TV series pick up the new issue of SciFiNow. You can catch up on and find out all the Gotham news including when the first two series will air again here