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Another Earth’s Mike Cahill to direct Dash Shaw’s Doctors

Dash Shaw’s graphic novel Doctors lands I Origins director

We’re big fans of Another Earth and I Origins director Mike Cahill, and the filmmaker has just signed on to another intriguing genre project.

THR reports that Cahill will direct the film of Dash Shaw’s graphic novel Doctors. It’s the story of “a doctor and his team who can go into a dead person’s consciousness in the form of a memory and temporarily bring them back to life. When a woman hires the doctor to bring back her mother, the act poses an unintended question: What happens when the dead don’t want to return?”

The film will be written by Ben Jacoby, whose credits include horror movies Bleed and the upcoming Borderland, and who is working with David S Goyer on the upcoming prequel to The Omen (which has currently has the awful title The First Omen). Goyer will produce Doctors and will continue to be described as one of the busiest people in Hollywood.

Brit Marling in Mike Cahill's Another Earth
Brit Marling in Mike Cahill’s Another Earth

This sounds like a really interesting concept for a director like Cahill, who has two beautifully made, ambitious and heartfelt sci-fi dramas under his belt. He’s also recently directed the pilot for The Magicians, as well as two episodes of acclaimed cult drama The Path. So, you know, hopefully this will be more like The Returned and less like The Lazarus Effect.

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