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Gerald’s Game film coming from Oculus’ Mike Flanagan

Oculus’ Mike Flanagan set to direct film version of Stephen King’s Gerald Game

Katee Sackhoff's dark reflection in Oculus
Katee Sackhoff’s dark reflection in Oculus

Stephen King’s gripping classic Gerald’s Game is getting a film adaptation from Oculus director Mike Flanagan.

Deadline reports that Flanagan and his Oculus co-writer Trevor Howard have written the script based on King’s novel, and are currently casting the film with an eye to shooting this autumn.

Gerald’s Game revolves around a seemingly harmless contest between a married couple in a remote retreat. It escalates to become a harrowing fight for survival, wife Jessie must confront long-buried demons within her own mind — and possibly lurking in the shadows of her seemingly empty house.”

Flanagan told Deadline that “In the tradition of Misery and Dolores ClaiborneGerald’s Game is one of the most intense and compelling novels I’ve ever read, and this has been a dream project for many years. Trevor and I are very excited to help translate that experience for an audience.”

Oculus is released on 13 June in the UK. You can buy Gerald’s Game for £7.19 at Amazon.co.uk.