Frankenweenie character art and details

5 creepy pieces of character art for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, in cinemas from 5 October 2012.

Frankenweenie Edgar E Gore Atticus Shaffer

Disney have released a barrage of character art and descriptions for Tim Burton’s forthcoming stop-motion tribute to classic Universal horror movies, Frankenweenie.

Predictably there’s a lot of work for former Burton collaborators…

Frankenweenie Mayor Burgemeister Martin Short

Mayor Burgemeister (voiced by Martin Short)
“Mr Burgemeister is the Frankenstein’s next-door neighbor and Mayor of New Holland. A crotchety fuss-bucket, he is fanatical about his garden and can’t stand Sparky or anything else that threatens the perfection of his tulips. Mr. Burgemeister also asserts his authority over his niece Elsa Van Helsing by making her the reluctant star of his New Holland Dutch Day celebration.”

Tim Burton connection: Short played the president peevish press secretary Jerry Ross in 1996’s Mars Attacks!

Frankenweenie Nasser Martin Short

Nassor (also Martin Short)
“Nassor is highly intelligent, serious and intense. He takes a darker, more doomsday view on life than the other kids in New Holland. Nassor is instantly sceptical of the rumours surrounding Victor’s experiments with electricity, but once convinced, is zealous in his attempts to obtain Victor’s secrets.”

Frankenweenie Mr Rzykruski Martin Landau

Mr Rzykruski (voiced by Martin Landau)
“Mr Rzykruski is the new science teacher at New Holland Elementary School. He has a thick, Eastern European accent and a unique way of explaining things. He connects with his students, but parents misunderstand his passionate teaching style. Mr. Rzykruski serves as a mentor and inspiration to Victor, teaching him that science can do both good and bad things and that if a scientist does not put his heart into his experiment, there could be disastrous consequences.”

Tim Burton connection: Landau played the legendary Bela Lugosi in 1994’s Ed Wood, and Peter Van Garrett in 1999’s Sleepy Hollow.

Frankenweenie Weird Girl Catherine O'Hara

Weird Girl (voiced by Catherine O’Hara)
“Weird Girl doesn’t fit in well with the other kids. She delivers ominous pronouncements in a monotone voice with an unnerving stare. Her constant companion is her fluffy white cat Mr Whiskers, whose unblinking gaze matches her own. The other kids give them a wide berth—especially when Weird Girl rambles about Mr Whiskers’ dreams.”

Tim Burton connection: O’Hara was the highly strung Delia Deetz in 1988’s Beetlejuice, and voiced Sally and Sack in 1993’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Frankenweenie Edgar E Gore Atticus Shaffer

Edgar E Gore (voiced by Atticus Shaffer)
“Edgar ‘E’ Gore is a needy misfit who doesn’t have friends but is desperate to be Victor’s partner for the science fair. In his attempts to be accepted ‘E’ tends to mess things up and often fails to think before he speaks. Even though ‘E’ promises not to tell Victor’s secret, he accidentally spills the beans.”

Tim Burton connection: None, the wee lad’s only 14, but he was in the David S Goyer scripted supernatural horror film The Unborn.