Final seasons that we’d like to forget…

Charting some of the worst ends to our favourite sci-fi shows.

Lost is less than a week away and quite frankly this writer is giddy with joy at the thought of revisiting the island. But, if history has taught us anything it’s that sometimes – just sometimes – a show’s finale season can suck. Hard.

In this somewhat pessimistic spirit we’ve assembled a few of the most disappointing season hurrahs ever to grace screens. Pray Lost doesn’t go the same way as these candidates below.

ST-002dStar Trek: The Original Series – Season Three

Yep, season one changed the genre as we know it, and the second season equally so; it’s just a crying shame that the third couldn’t have made it a hat trick. Instead, fans were faced with a condensed block of episodes, most of which lacking in purpose or coherence. Some blame the Friday night death slot for the series’ eventual cancellation – we prefer to blame the shoddy scripts. This one still hurts forty years after it ceased transmission.

promo2incarQuantum Leap: Season Five

When you put this show under chronological scrutiny it is obvious that the quality was taking a leap – downwards. Come season five things weren’t looking so rosy for this once ace programme. But what makes this final season most frustrating is that it was never intended to be the end. It was cancelled without being resolved. All we were left with was a depressing epilogue and a whole lot of unanswered questions. In our minds, though, Sam did make it home.

x-files yr9The X Files: Season Nine

Chris Carter’s series really was the cat’s pyjamas throughout much of the Nineties, so in that respect it is quite heartbreaking to feature it in this list. But not that devastating, mind. Following the crap super soldier plot thread, season nine of The X Files remains an unravelled mess. David Duchovny only appears in two episodes, Gillian Anderson looks more bored than ever and in season finale, ‘The Truth’, all we find out is some waffle about the Mayan calendar and that Mulder and Scully do both believe. Sort of.

Got a final season that sends you mad with rage? Rant it below on the comments board.