Attack of the B-movie!

The best, or at least, most amusingly titled original films from the Syfy channel.

Syfy has recently unveiled its original film slate for the next year, with a heavy focus on adaptations of fairy tales. The films to be produced include Red, in which a young girl brings her fiancee home, only for him to be bitten by a werewolf; Hansel, set 12 years after the Brothers Grimm story; The 8th Voyage Of Sinbad; Aladdin; and Black Forest, in which a group of travellers are menaced by mythical creatures.

Syfy movies have a peculiar affection in the science-fiction community, mainly for their unabashed approach to B-movie filmmaking. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few of the gems that the channel has put out over the last few years.

000342ln2SS Doomtrooper

Released: 1 April 2006
Director: Berkeley Anderson
Starring: Corin Nemec, Ben Cross, James Pomichter

If the name intrigues you slightly, think again. This film is woeful, even with the addition of that-guy-who-played-Jonas-on-Stargate.

boapython1Boa Vs Python

Released: 24 May 2004
Director: David Flores
Starring: David Hewlett, Jaime Bergman, Kirk BR Woller

Although it’s apparently not a sequel to the Python series, events from those films are directly mentioned in this one.


Released: 2004
Director:Mark Dippe
Starring: Tory Kittles, KD Aubert, China Chow

Yeah. It’s a really big fish, one that has a taste for human flesh and some of the most bizarre title song lyrics we’re ever encountered beyond Titanic.

Mansquito PicMansquito

Released: 5 March 2005
Director: Tibor Takács
Starring: Corin Nemec, Musetta Vander, Austin Jordan

A clever portmanteau of the words ‘man’ and ‘mosquito’, we couldn’t help but watch this when we got our hands on it. Now, we’ll never get those 90 minutes back.

megasnake01_1Mega Snake

Released: 28 July 2007
Director: Tibor Takács
Starring: Michael Shanks, Siri Baruc, John T Woods

Even Shanks admitted that the only reason he took this role, without even reading the script, was to renew his US work visa. Classy.