Extant Season 2 spoilers: Creator talks escalation

Extant creator Mickey Fisher on what’s in store for Halle Berry in Season 2

Extant Season 2 2 Now that the first season has aired in the US – and is currently airing in the UK – Extant creator Mickey Fisher inevitably hopes that Extant keeps living up to its name. A second season has already been confirmed, but since the UK hasn’t seen the first one yet, Fisher isn’t saying much about what’s coming next.

“The big things that happen in the finale of Season One will have ramifications and consequences going forward in Two,” he says. “We’ll see an escalation of the problems that we thought might have been fixed.”

What Fisher does tease is a “great rollercoaster ride” that he hopes will keep people watching as the mysteries and human drama at the heart of the story intertwine.

“It’s not just a dry philosophical musing on what it means to be human,” he explains. “We go at it in a real full-throttle kind of way. So I hope that people go along for the ride, and hope that they enjoy it, and at times get that sense of Spielbergian wonder they get when they see his films. Then I hope that they come back and join us for Season Two.”

Extant: Season One is airing in the UK from 20 January at 9pm on Syfy.