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Evil Dead reboot is “pretty violent” says Jane Levy

Evil Dead reboot gets an NC-17 rating in the US, the movie is in cinemas 12 April 2013

The Evil Dead Jane Levy

The Evil Dead Jane Levy
Jane Levy stars in the Evil Dead reboot

Horror fans rejoice, as Bruce Campbell famously said at New York Comic Con “Where’s your R-rating now, baby?” – the Evil Dead reboot has been certified NC-17 in the US, which means it’s very likely to be an 18 in the UK.

Speaking to Collider, star Jane Levy confirmed that it’s just as gristly as that sounds, saying, “It’s a pretty violent film. There’s lots and lots of blood. It’s a beautiful movie – visually, actually, it looks so fricking cool.

“The thing is, we don’t have any sex, which I love. It’s not gory porn, which is often what makes a movie NC-17, which it doesn’t need to be. But I always like when it’s either a ‘sex movie’ or it’s a ‘violent movie’.

“I’m not a fan of the two. There’s some people that are… not me. So if we are edging toward an NC-17, it’s because of all the violence, and the gore, and the blood – not because of anything else.”

Evil Dead is in cinemas from 12 April 2013.