Doctor Who breaking news: the new companion has been confirmed!

Find out who will join Peter Capaldi in the TARDIS in Doctor Who

Ever since Clara Oswald departed (presumably for good) from Doctor Who, we’ve been waiting to hear who’ll be next to join Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in the TARDIS. Now, we finally have an answer: step forward Pearl Mackie.

Almost a total newcomer, Mackie’s only screen credits to date have been in an episode of Doctors and a small role in Martin Freeman-starrer Svengali. Still, it’s nice to see someone completely new being given such a high-profile role – even if the teaser trailer at the bottom of the page gives us no clue as to what kind of companion she’ll be.

Pearl Mackie has been unveiled as the latest Doctor Who companion

Speaking in a BBC press release, Mackie said: “I’m incredibly excited to be joining the Doctor Who family. It’s such an extraordinary British institution, I couldn’t be prouder to call the TARDIS my home!

“Peter Capaldi is such a brilliant actor, and his Doctor is such a wacky and wonderful character, I can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for him and Bill throughout time and space. Reading the script at the audition I thought Bill was wicked. Fantastically written, cool, strong, sharp, a little bit vulnerable with a bit of geekiness thrown in — I can’t wait to bring her to life, and to see how she develops through the series.

“I always loved stage combat at drama school so I can’t wait to get on set and kick some evil monsters into the next dimension!

“Shooting the trailer was absolutely mental, there were pyro technics and smoke and I met my first Dalek! I’m not sure it will ever become ‘the norm’ seeing crazy monsters on set, but I cannot wait to meet some more! The weirder the better, bring it on!”

Her co-star Capaldi said of the announcement: “It is a genuine delight to welcome Pearl Mackie to Doctor Who. A fine, fine actress with a wonderful zest and charm, she’s a refreshing addition to the TARDIS and will bring a universe of exciting new possibilities to The Doctor’s adventures.”

The rest of the production staff were similarly fullsome in their praise. Steven Moffat, lead writer and executive producer (at least until he departs, to be replaced by Chris Chibnall) added: “A new face in the TARDIS, a new voyage about to begin: welcome aboard the amazing Pearl Mackie! This is where the story really starts.”

To round things off, executive producer Brian Minchin finished: “We’re utterly thrilled to have the hugely talented Pearl join Doctor Who, and I can’t wait to begin her new adventures in time and space!”

Doctor Who will return to the BBC in 2017. For all the latest news about the biggest TV shows, pick up the new issue of SciFiNow.