Doctor Who 50th: Colin Baker angry about Tom Baker cameo

50th Anniversary Tom Baker cameo was “irritating” says Doctor Who star Colin Baker

Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor in Doctor Who
Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor in Doctor Who

Prior to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor, Sixth Doctor star Colin Baker had ground his multicoloured axe over how none of the old Doctors would be appearing.

Following Tom Baker’s surprise cameo as The Curator, he seems even more angry…

“I know Tom did it longer than anybody else and he’s the oldest Doctor, but by asking him and not us, it makes you feel like a second-class citizen,” Baker told the Daily Mirror.

“Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor, said way back that they were not going to have us in the special. At the time, we didn’t know that Tom was in it, which was slightly irritating.”

The reason for not including classic Doctors was a good one, and it’s only the place Tom Baker has in everyone’s hearts – as well as him being the oldest living Doctor and the longest serving Doctor – made him appropriate for a wee nod.

Outside from a handful of zealous fans, nobody really wanted ‘The Day Of The Doctor’ to degenerate into a cluttered Dimensions In Time-style muddle. It continued the serving Doctor’s story while paying tribute to its past and its future, but as expected it concerned itself primarily with the mythology of New Who.

Colin Baker in Peter Davison's sublime The Fiveish Doctors
Colin Baker in Peter Davison’s sublime The Five(ish) Doctors

The Doctor Who 50th did a fine job of recognising the show’s past with archive footage used in ‘The Day Of The Doctor’ to keep our favourite Doctors as we remember them, cameos from Sixties stars in An Adventure In Space And Time, and Colin Baker himself warmed to a few more critical hearts in The Five(ish) Doctors.

As a talking head, Colin Baker’s been popping up on Who-related viewing, from The Ultimate Guide to The Afterparty with metronomic regularity. He’s barely been off our TV over the 50th – in fact, he’s racked up far more screen time than Tom Baker, who aside from the odd surreal interview on BBC News, kept to his splendid isolation.

After coming out so strongly about the lack of old Doctors prior to Paul McGann’s appearance in the Night Of The Doctor webisode and Tom Baker’s appearance in ‘The Day Of The Doctor’, Colin Baker runs the risk of looking foolish to keep banging that drum.

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