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Aquaman film or TV show to spin-off from Man Of Steel 2

Aquaman is “a priorty” for Warner Bros says DC’s chief creative officer Geoff Johns

Nick Cardy's incredible cover for Aquaman #44 (1969)
Nick Cardy’s incredible cover for Aquaman #44 (1969)

After years of being a running joke, there’s rumblings of big things for DC Comics’ Aquaman – possibly even a Warner Bros movie to tie in with the universe that’s beginning to spin-off out of Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel 2.

“He’s a priority character for the company,” Geoff Johns, who reinvented the character and serves as DC’s chief creative officer, told Variety.

“There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the most well-known characters among superheroes, and in popular culture.”

There’s an Aquaman animated movie in the works, but that’s not exactly evidence of “priority” – the DC Animated Universe is a pretty busy place.

Smallville's Justin Hartley in the ill-fated Aquaman pilot
Smallville’s Justin Hartley in the ill-fated Aquaman pilot

TV is an option, but the 2006 Aquaman pilot – starring Smallville’s Justin Hartley – was as poorly received as David Nutter’s Wonder Woman, and as one of DC’s heavy hitters with superhuman strength, endurance, agility and healing, as well as limited telepathy and control of water, he doesn’t seem like a character who’d benefit from an Arrow-style show on The CW.

Could a live-action movie appearance be on the cards for the monarch of the deep? If so, Man Of Steel 2 is looking a bit cluttered, with not only the Dark Knight joining the ensemble, but rumours of Nightwing and Wonder Woman…

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