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Doctor Strange movie villains confirmed?

3 classic Marvel foes rumoured for proposed Doctor Strange movie

Dormammu as he appears in Marvel comics
Dormammu as he appears in Marvel comics

By the hoary hosts of hoggoth, it’s another of those “100% true” rumours from Latino-Review.com, the people who brought us the casting of Jason Mamoa in Guardians Of The Galaxy that failed to materialise, and the widely debunked Planet Hulk movie.

Peering into their tea-leaves/crystal ball/tarot deck over Marvel’s long rumoured Doctor Strange movie and cutting/pasting entire sentences from Wikipedia, Latino Review reckons that the movie’s big bad will be classic Strange antagonist and seemingly all-powerful demonic being Dormammu.

Strange’s rival sorcerer and frequent Dormammu lacky Karl Mordo will also be appearing, while turning up for a blockbuster action sequence will be a great Mindless One – a sort of shuffling golem-like rock monster.

While is this all fairly plausible, it also comes from Latino Review so believe it when you see it, folks.