Child’s Play reboot casts Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky

The upcoming Child’s Play reboot has made a great choice for the voice of Chucky

The upcoming reboot of Tom Holland’s 80s classic Child’s Play already has a great cast in place, led by Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry, but the latest addition is a masterstroke. For the last several months we’ve all been asking who will be voicing killer doll Chucky (or rather, the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray trapped in the body of a child’s doll), and now we finally have our answer.

Mark Hamill will be lending his mighty vocals to the role, and anyone who’s heard his Joker will know what a great choice that is. No one is ever going to replace Brad Dourif (nor should they even try) but if you need someone who can do gleefully evil and deliver a maniacal laugh on cue, Hamill’s a great shout.

Of course, the reboot is still something of sore spot for Child’s Play writer Don Mancini, who’s continued the film series with great success (we’ll agree to forget Child’s Play 3) and is putting a TV series together with that core cast. If you’ve not caught up with Curse Of Chucky or Cult Of Chucky yet, they’re smart, scary and funny and we can’t wait to see what that team comes up with.

The remake is directed by Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) and written by Tyler Burton Smith.

Child’s Play is released on 21 June in the US. No UK release date has been announced.