Channing Tatum to take on The Darkness?

Tatum will possibly be taking on the role of Jackie Estacado.

1156854793Channing Tatum, who will be appearing in G.I. Joe in August, has been cast in the live-action adaptation of The Darkness, according to horror website Bloody-Disgusting.

This is a rumour for now as it hasn’t been verified officially, however, the usually-accurate website cites its own sources as providing the information. There is also no news on which role he’d be taking up, however, we assume the casting will be for the central role of Jackie Estacado. The Darkness will be based off the comic by Garth Ennis, Marc Silvestri and David Wohl, in which a Mafia hitman inherits a dubious family legacy in the form of a demonic presence, the titular Darkness, when he is targeted for assassination by his former boss, ‘Uncle’ Paulie Franchetti.

The Darkness gives Jackie supernatural abilities, feeding off shadows. The series is linked with another popular comic property, Angelus, and has also crossed over with Witchblade most frequently and other characters as well. The title has also been adapted into a highly successful and relatively faithful first-person shooter videogame, which was released in 2007.