Bryan Singer confirmed for Battlestar film

Superman, X-Men director confirmed for yet another BSG reboot.

3603_4508Bryan Singer, the director of the recent Superman reboot as well as a number of other genre films including the X-Men series, has signed on to direct an upcoming big-screen outing for Battlestar Galactica, the science fiction franchise created by Glen Larson in 1978.

Before fans of the current re-imagined series helmed by Ronald D Moore get excited, however, the new film will have no bearing on the show, but Variety reports the studio insisting that it will be a brand new re-imagining in itself. Singer has, of course, been working on the project for a long time – calling the brand a “sleeping giant” before the Moore take on the property.

There is no news yet on who will star in the film or when it is scheduled for release, although the wisdom of releasing yet another remake of Galactica is dubious to say the least. Moore’s version did a superb job of exposing science fiction to a mass audience and gained acceptance in the popular mainstream, winning Peabody awards and gaining acclaim from Time magazine. Whether Singer’s version will do the same, or simply confuse audiences and turn them off the show, remains to be seen.