In the news…10-14 August 2009

Michael O’Connor brings you a round up of the week’s main headlines.

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It’s Friday, and you know what that means. Michael O’Connor is here to bring you a slightly acerbic round-up of the week’s main headlines on, from Halloween 2 through to BSG’s ill-advised return. It may not be PC, it may not be particularly well-written, but at least it seems to happen without fail every Friday. Except for last Friday.


timthumb-1Zombie: Laurie character was ‘boring’– Rock star turned film director Rob Zombie spoke to SFN recently, in which he outlined the direction of the new characters for the Halloween remake simple. The Laurie Strode character, according to Zombie, was boring so he decided to shake her up. While we like the idea, why take on a film where you struggle to identify with the characters?line_divider

timthumbG.I. Joe sequel already confirmed – The critical mauling seemed to do little to dent the onward march of G.I. Joe, as a Paramount executive confirmed that a sequel is already underway. The cast are contractually obliged to return, but conveniently, Stephen Sommers is not, and the least we can hope for is a film that’s even slightly competent. Or is that too much?


timthumb-2Classic V stars return for remake? – Ah, Jane Badler. Many a night have you haunted the dreams of fanboys the world over. It seems that she never quite got over V, however, as she’s coming back for another go at the franchise (maybe) after having talks with the people behind ABC’s renewed, reinvigorated V. line_divider

timthumb-4Hugo winners announced – Neil Gaiman’s trophy cabinet must surely be buckling under the weight of its contents, as the author adds a Hugo for Best Novel to the collection, won by The Graveyard Book. A shame, as we were rooting for Scalzi. The other winners include Ted Chiang and, predictably, Joss Whedon for his Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog web series. line_divider

timthumb-3Bryan Singer confirmed for new Battlestar film – Look, people are turned off Star Trek because it’s too complicated to jump into. People are turned off Stargate because it’s been running so long. People are turned off Star Wars EU books because, again, there are too many to sort out where to begin. Why on Earth would you complicate Battlestar by doing another film? Get back on Superman, Singer.