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Blood Shed horror comedy from James Moran, Cat Davies to crowdfund

Horror comedy short Blood Shed coming from Mina Murray’s Journal team

We’re big fans of a good horror pun, we’re big fans of James Moran (the writer of Severance, Cockneys Vs Zombies and the recent excellent Mina Murray’s Journal webseries), and we’re also big fans of Cat Davies’ horror comedy shorts KEEN-wah and Connie. So, the news that the duo are teaming up for a comedy horror short titled Blood Shed is definitely a very good way to start the day!

Directed by Moran, produced by Davies and written by both, Blood Shed is described as “a dark and twisted but laugh out loud comedy, with a Creepshow-style look and sound, synthesizer music, LOTS of Evil Dead-style blood, and comic book panels. It’s a love letter to the 80s horror anthology style, while telling a bizarre new tale with a unique monster.”

Referencing Creepshow and Evil Dead in the same sentence will definitely get our attention. And synthesiser music! (Which will be provided by BAFTA nominated Torchwood veteran Ben Foster, btw).

But they’re going to need your help to make it. Blood Shed will be crowdfunding from 27 February to 26 March on Kickstarter looking to raise £10K, and the promised pledge goals include “signed goodies, exclusive extras and downloads, set visits, screening tickets, props, Executive Producer credits, writing workshops, script feedback, and even a piece of the shed!”

In case you need a bit more hype, Moran says “I’ve always loved 80s horror, and I’m really excited to unleash our evil beast. For years, we’ve seen people getting killed in or near cabins and outhouses, but we’ve never seen a shed itself actually doing the killing – until now!”

Davies adds “We are desperate to bring this unique tale to life to delight horror, comedy and classic monster fans. We have a great team behind the project, and a united passion for the films and styles that influenced the script and visual concepts for the piece. We really need your help to make this happen and shoot the film in late April. We cannot wait to share Blood Shed with the world.”

As we previously mentioned, we are big fans of this duo (read our interview with Moran here and Davies here), and we can’t wait to see what the Blood Shed has in store.

Visit the website for more info.

Update: The Kickstarter page is now live!

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