Batman Vs Superman Lex Luthor sounds like a Mary-Sue

Man Of Steel 2 rumours reveal details about Jesse Eisenberg’s young and angry Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor as he appears in Super Friends
Lex Luthor as he appears in Super Friends

This comes from Latino-Review, who by our count haven’t been right about something since August 2013 so the usual disclaimers apply when it comes to sites that don’t cite their sources, but Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor in Batman Vs Superman is bucking with the canon in a number of ways.

This incarnation of the infamous Superman nemesis is very much a self-made man, and the site writes that he goes from living on the streets at 14 to a self-made billionaire by the time he was 18.

As a self-made man, Luthor has a disdain for Bruce Wayne, the playboy heir, and Superman, the genetic accident, that is ripped straight from the comics. Wayne and Supes in turn think Luthor is arrogant and morally bankrupt.

The character will be bald (what a scoop!), but shaven headed rather than naturally bald, and he’ll have a full-sleeve tattoo of the Metropolis skyline.

Hmm, actually…

Man Of Steel and The Dark Knight writer David S Goyer
Man Of Steel and The Dark Knight writer David S Goyer

It’s a bit Usual Suspects isn’t it? A story made up based on the things in the room.

Only time will tell whether this survives the current rewrite – or even existed to begin with.

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