Batman V Superman probably won’t star Blue Beetle

Why the latest Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice rumour is quite clearly nonsense

Blue Beetle as he appears in the DC comics
Blue Beetle as he appears in the DC comics

Hot on the flippers of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice director Zack Snyder making a not-very-anonymous call to a local radio station to defend the badassdom of Aquaman, he’s sent the rumour turbines spinning again with another throwaway phone-in.

Answering a light-hearted question from Stoney And Bill co-host Sarah about what characters they might play in an upcoming DC movie, he replied “As we add to the Justice League we bring in some of the more obscure, like Blue Beetle or something.”

While we’d love to see Blue Beetle – especially the Jaime Reyes incarnation – on the big screen, it’s fairly obvious from the context that this isn’t an entirely serious discussion. And that’s before we even get into how clear a commitment the statement “like Blue Beetle or something” really is.

Jeez internet, he just pulled a name out of the air, but the headline “Batman V Superman casts someone like Blue Beetle or something” isn’t exactly generating mega-traffic…

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