Badland Hunters: Don Lee stars in action-packed dystopian thriller

Badland Hunters: Don Lee stars in action-packed dystopian thriller

Don Lee goes up against a crocodile (and more) in an apocalyptic Seoul in upcoming dystopian action Badland Hunters. Watch the teaser…

badland hunters

Don Lee (Train to Busan, Eternals) stars as a hunter in a dystopian world in the upcoming Netflix movie Badland Hunters.

Watch the ass-kicking teaser here…

Badland Hunters is set after a major earthquake transforms Seoul into an apocalyptic wasteland. Don Lee assumes the role of Nam-san, a relentless wasteland hunter. Joining him are Lee Hee Jun as Yang Gi-su, the doctor who survived the catastrophe, and Lee Jun-young portraying Nam-san’s trusted partner, Choi ji-wan. The narrative is said to ‘delve deep into a world where mere survival becomes a luxury, allegiances are volatile, and human will is tested against nature’s harshest conditions’.

The movie marks a groundbreaking collaboration between acclaimed director Heo Myeong-haeng (The Roundup: Punishment) and Lee, and promises to deliver an action-packed narrative set in a post-apocalyptic Seoul.

Written by Kim Bo-tong (D.P) and Kwak Jae-min (Amanza), the movie also stars Lee Hee Jun (American Crime Story), Lee Jun-young (You Have Done Well), Roh Jeong Eui (Dear. M), and An Ji-hye.

Badland Hunters will have its global premiere on Netflix on 26 January.

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