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Avengers 2: Quicksilver is “out for revenge” claims star

Aaron Taylor-Johnson drops some spoilers on Quicksilver’s role in Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Quicksilver Scarlet Witch AvengersAmong the new additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe seen in Avengers: Age Of Ultron are Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and his sister the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) – and judging by what we’ve seen of them in the preview footage so far, they’re going to have an impact. Taylor-Johnson describes Quicksilver’s role in Avengers: Age Of Ultron as follows:

“It continues on from where it left off at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where we did a little tag where Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were basically experiments in HYDRA’s basement. They’re out to seek revenge on Tony Stark due to what they’ve been through in the past. They’re Eastern European and in a place called Sokovia. They lost their parents. They’re very angry, and putting their anger towards Tony Stark. These two survived the experiments that HYDRA was doing and became enhanced. My character has super speed and Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Quicksilver’s sister, Scarlet Witch, has psychological powers.

Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Avengers 2
Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Avengers: Age Of Ultron

“He’s quick-tempered and becomes frustrated with everything because due to his super speed, he’s already there,” the actor continues. “Everything moves too slowly for him. It’s been fun to play with this character and, more importantly, discover who he is. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch only have one another. It’s just them against the world and they can’t do without each other, which is nice. This is also a yin and yang thing. I’m very fatherly and physical and protective over her, and she’s sort of that motherly nurturing and caring and more emotional and thoughtful person. They balance each other out. You couldn’t really have Quicksilver without Scarlet Witch.”

Avengers: Age Of Ultron will be in cinemas on 23 April 2015 in the UK and 1 May 2015 in the US. You can buy Avengers Assemble on Blu-ray for £15.51 from Amazon.co.uk. Get all the latest Marvel news in SciFiNow.