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Ash Vs Evil Dead UK air date and broadcaster announced

Find out where you can watch Ash Vs Evil Dead

Some groovy news for you today, especially for all you fans of Bruce Campbell slicing his way through the giggling hordes of the undead: Ash Vs Evil Dead is available to watch in the UK.

Virgin Media has snapped up the rights to the new adventures of Ashley Williams from Starz in the US, bringing the series (from Sam Raimi, Campbell and Rob Tapert) to our shores.

Virgin Media subscribers have access to the first five episodes from…right now. The subsequent episodes will be released week by week, meaning that we’ll be up to date with the US.

The new series finds Ash living in a trailer park 30 years after his last encounter with the Deadite hordes, with just a wooden hand and a lot of terrible habits to remind him. But when he gets stoned and tries to impress a lady friend by reading “poetry” from the Book Of The Dead, he unleashes the forces of evil once again. Together with his Value Stop employees Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), he sets out to put things right, tailed by Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones), a cop who thinks he might be responsible for these horrifying crimes, and Ruby (Lucy Lawless), a mysterious figure with ties to Ash’s past.

Virgin Media’s Chief Digital Entertainment Officer David Bouchier said “We are very excited about bringing Ash vs Evil Dead to the UK, exclusively for Virgin Media customers. This long-awaited and much anticipated series marks a step-change in our TV programming strategy and demonstrates the true potential for video on demand. By investing in original series and bringing more exclusive TV shows to Virgin Media customers, we are unlocking the power of the boxset once again. Ash Vs Evil Dead is just the start for Virgin Media customers.”

Starz’s Senior Vice President of Digital said “Fans throughout the world have been thirsting for the return of Ash. Starz is thrilled to partner with Virgin Media and honoured that the truly ‘groovy’ new hit series, Ash vs Evil Dead was selected to kick off its new on demand programming initiative for UK audiences.” 

So, what are you waiting for?

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