Arrow Season 4: “Oliver is a different person now”

Stephen Amell on why Season 4 is a new start for Oliver Queen in Arrow

The Arrow Season 3 finale drew a line under Oliver Queen’s previous life, seeing him choose to give up the mantle of the Arrow in favour of a life away from Starling City with Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett-Rickards). But as evidenced by the fact that Season 4 is about to start, this hiatus won’t last. However, as producer Marc Guggenheim tells us, this doesn’t mean he hasn’t changed

“We ended last year of Arrow with Oliver in an emotional place that we always intended to bring him to. Now, of course, everyone is just going to think we’re making the show into Flash. I think when people watch Season 4, they’ll see that Oliver is happy and he’s in a more evolved place, and he’s just not the same.”

Stephen Amell, who portrays Queen, aka the soon-to-be-christened Green Arrow, concurs. “The first three seasons,” he offers, “closed a chapter for Oliver. He made the decision to walk away from it all. It doesn’t get any more profound and final than that.

“It doesn’t mean that he can’t come back, but he was defined by the hooded vigilante persona, which as we saw in Season 2 the first time he put on that hood, that version – the killer version, the remorseless version, the one that wanted to do everything on his own because any time he trusted someone, that person turned against him or split aside from him – is gone. He can’t exist anymore. So even if Oliver encounters dire circumstances – and it is our show, so he will, almost immediately – he will handle them in a different way.”

Arrow: Season 4 is airing from 14 October 2015 on Sky 1. Check out the comics that inspired the series in the 100 All-Time Greatest Comics bookazine now.